About Us

Welcome to our school community!

We want to take this opportunity thank you for visiting the San Tan Community.  There is great wisdom in the Proverb, “It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child” and we are proud to be a supportive learning community focused on the whole child serving families. We are dedicated to providing:

A safe nurturing learning environment for your child;

Parent support is encouraged and elicited;

Healthy social, emotional, and physical development are planned for daily;

Individualized and Interactive education; and

Individual needs are addressed proactively and positively.

Beginning in the Montessori Private Preschool, San Tan understands the child and the excitement of learning and achievement.  At a young age, children’s personalities flourish in our carefully prepared, developmentally appropriate, and fun learning environments.  In Kindergarten, we are pleased to offer a unique program incorporating Montessori and an Inquiry Based Learning Curriculum, allowing each student the opportunity for highly interactive and conceptual learning experiences; that are so vital at this age.  The Elementary School at San Tan Charter School aims to provide a proactively prepared learning environment for each student that assures individual achievement of the collage and career readiness standards with many enrichment opportunities.  San Tan Charter School accomplishes this aim through observant and responsive instructional leadership, strategic and focused ongoing professional development of staff, and an instructional model that prepares for and supports students’ learning activities at their cutting edge of knowledge and thinking.  Students are made responsible and held accountable for their learning at every stage and level. Character Education is integrated into the school culture beginning with daily activities in each classroom.

Again, thank you for your interest in our San Tan Learning Community.