San Tan Charter School began as a small private Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten in 2006, and quickly filled to enrollment capacity. Parents moving forward in their children’s education had expressed concerns about the local quality of Elementary Education programs, and the price of local private school education. Parents raised concerns that their children would fail to thrive in the overcrowded local public schools as they transitioned to first grade. The owners of the Montessori, Kris and Rita Sippel, heard their concerns, and saw the need and demand for a new type of free public school in Gilbert. San Tan Charter School developed a K-6 Inquiry Based Learning Curriculum model incorporating applicable Montessori concepts and materials for a Public Charter School program. The charter for San Tan Charter School was approved by the Arizona Board for Charter Schools in January 2008 after a rigorous process, and started with less than 100 students.

Since then, the school has grown to include a middle and high school, with over 800 students in grades PreK-12 for the 2017-18 school year. Our Teaching staff includes award nominees as well as winners for some of the highest awards in the State. With programs such as daily PE, music, art, and library our programs are thriving, with a waiting list for attendance every year.