Sippel’s Spotlight 3/30


Please complete all April lunch orders by end of day on March 26th, you can order at

Happy Spring Break Roadrunners,

As break comes to a close; we are all very excited to get back into the swing of things and “finish strong” as a community. Not only has the campus been spruced up with many items cleaned and sanitized but the teachers are feeling refreshed and ready for our final quarter of learning for this year.

AZ Merit testing will begin in April for grades 3rd – High School. Writing will be given the week of April 2nd. The reading test will be the week of April 9th. Finally, the week of April 16th we will be taking math and science. Please try to schedule any doctor’s appointments for a different day/time. Once a student begins taking a section of the AZ Merit test, they must finish that section during that school day. In addition, please make sure to arrive at school on time each day. Once testing has started your kiddo will not be permitted to enter the classroom until that testing session has concluded and will need to complete the test during a makeup session.

Summer School Enrollment: San Tan Charter School will be offering an elementary summer program filled with exciting activities that take your students to outer space and beyond. Our focus will be on Space Science and Technology. Our summer school program will offer students the opportunity to experience various scientific discoveries through video, dance, art, storytelling, food, sports, math, science, history and other hands on activities. Each week we take different adventures to explore space travel and life on other planets:


Weeks 1-2 (June 4th – 15th): Important Space Scientists & the History of Space Travel

Weeks 3-4 (June 18th – 29th): Planet Earth, Moon, & Sun

Weeks 5 (July 2nd – 6th): Closed

Weeks 6-7 (July 9th – 20th) Student Choice Four Planets, History of NASA, Space Station

Weeks 8-9 (July 23rd – Aug 3rd): Create Your Own World (Field Trip to the Arizona Challenger Space Center TBD)


Students are free to sign-up for all or part of the program and are expected to bring their own lunch and snacks each day (no snacks are needed for Cooks in the Kitchen on Mondays).


If you need to work out payment options for summer school, please indicate this on your enrollment form, we would be happy to work with you. If you are choosing to do the summer school, please complete the enrollment form and return with the Learning Extension Fee by April 27th to secure your spot.


San Tan is excited to announce our first ever Paint it Forward an Art Masterpiece Fundraiser. A percentage of the event registration will go directly to our very active, volunteer run, Art Masterpiece program. I hope to see everyone on Saturday April 21, 2018 from 3pm-5pm. See attached flyer for more information and registration link.


Upcoming Dates

3/12 – 3/23 – ALL SCHOOL NO SCHOOL

3/26 – School Resumes

3/26 – High School Soccer vs. Basis @ 4:30

3/26 – Winter Sports Banquet @ 6:00

3/27 – Fire Drill

3/27 – JH Girls Basketball (HIME) vs. ASU @ 4:30

3/28 – JH Girls Basketball (AWAY) vs. EDUPrize @ 4:00

3/28 – JH Baseball vs. ALA @ 4:00

3/28 – High School Soccer vs. James Maddison @ 4:15

3/28 – JH Soccer (AWAY) vs. Heritage @ 4:30

3/28 – Varsity Boys Volleyball (HOME) vs. Heritage @ 4:30

3/29 – High School Northern Arizona University Tour

3/29 – JH Soccer (AWAY) vs. Imagine @ 4:00

3/29 – High School Soccer (AWAY) vs. Basis @ 4:30

3/29 – Varsity Boys Volleyball (AWAY) vs. EDUPrize @ 4:30

3/29 – JH Baseball (HOME) vs. ASU @ 4:30



Educationally Yours,


Kristofer Sippel


San Tan Charter School



Montessori Enrollment Agreement Summer 2018
2018 Summer School Fly Me to the Moon