Ms. Sher Mustell

Hello Roadrunner! I am Ms. Mustell. This is my first year at San Tan, and I am very excited to be here. I have many years of experience in education including 5 years of college English instruction. My love for books lead me to a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Film and my love for the English language lead me to complete my Master’s degree in English Rhetoric and Teaching Writing. I teach Secondary English, Video Production, and Speech and Debate. In my spare time, I coach competitive and beginning figure skating. My favorite hobby is baking, as you can tell by one of the pictures I chose to represent me. I also love my dog, Daisy, so much. Isn’t she adorable! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you this school year. Know that you will get there, but only if you keep going!


Name: Sher Mustell

Position: Secondary Education English Teacher

Birthday: December 24

My primary appreciation language is: Words of Affirmation


These are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

Color(s):  Teal and Chocolate Brown

Flower(s):  Daisies

Healthy Snack(s):  Dried Fruit

“Junk Food” Treat(s):  Chocolate

Drink(s):  Water, Herbal Teas

Scent(s):  Bergamot, Sandalwood

Game(s):  Trivia Games

Sit-Down Restaurant(s):  PF Chang’s, Thirsty Lion

Fast Food Restaurant(s):  Backyard Taco, Kneaders, Starbucks

Place(s) to Receive a Gift Card:  Harkins, Fat Cats Theater, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts

Most used school/office supply:  Dry Erase Markers and Erasers

What I would really like is:  To spend winter in a cozy cabin in the snowy woods.

Heroes:  JK Rowling

Hobbies:  Movies! I go to a movie at least once a week if something good is playing.