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Peter Pan Play Recap – 5/4/18

Hello Roadrunners! My name is Kyah Antolos and Today we are going to talk about the Peter Pan Play! Myself as well as the rest of the blog club, had early access to the play before its first showing, and some of us went to see the play at one of the official show times. Many of us noticed the changes made after rehearsal, which made the play better overall. I am here to explain some of these differences and possible reasons why they were made

First of all, the Lost Boys song sang by the raccoon twins (Lexi Garcia and Kayla Schmit) and fox (Gracie McKenny) was shortened after rehearsal to save time. They all did a great job, Kayla said that it was really fun to practice and rehearse with the other Students.

Sydney as a cast member I feel that everyone who helped or was in the cast poured their heart into this play especially the teacher that put the entity play together. Also all of the stage hands, you did a wonderful job, we could not have done this without you and all of the STCS parents who helped with the costumes, the sets, and planning!


Our Blog Club Members:

Founder: Noah                                                Club Manager: Kayla

Videographer: Allen                                       Interviewer: Kyah

Artist/Cartoonist: Lillian                                Photographer: Sydney