Gifted Program

San Tan School for the Gifted

San Tan School for the Gifted offers tuition FREE, 1st-5th grade, self-contained gifted classes.  Gifted students have unique needs academically, socially and emotionally.  All teachers at San Tan School for the Gifted are highly qualified gifted endorsed or working towards gifted certification.  Each gifted student will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which will address the specific academic and emotional needs of each student.  Further each student will follow an individualized curriculum path ensuring they are kept at their cutting edge. Classes will be self-contained and will utilize cluster grouping, based on ability, to best meet the needs of each student within the class.


San Tan School for the gifted has paralleled the learning curriculum model used for San Tan Charter School.  San Tan Charter School now serves a diverse group of parents desiring a smaller learning environment where their child’s:

  • Individual needs are addressed effectively and with respect,
  • Achievement at each student’s cutting edge is offered and expected,
  • Healthy social, emotional, and physical development are emphasized; and
  • Parent communication and support is encouraged and elicited.

San Tan Charter School’s dynamic learning environment is the result of a unique interactive and professional approach to education begun by the founders of San Tan Montessori and now flourished by all the families involved in making San Tan Charter School’s program possible.  San Tan Charter School’s guiding philosophy is based on the following instructional practices school wide:

  • Offering four parent teacher conferences per year,
  • Educating all students’ one grade level ahead,
  • Keeping students’ hands and minds engaged in purposeful and productive work,
  • Analyzing student data and using them as a guide to instruction,
  • Incorporating students’ interests and learning styles into learning activities,
  • Meeting the needs of student’s multiple intelligences through varied activities,
  • Utilizing effective classroom management with respectful communication,
  • Preparing an interactive learning environment with each student in mind,
  • Flourishing communication and self-expression through journal writing.