High School

San Tan is happy to announce that our board of directors has made the decision to expand our grade offerings to include a High School. The rollout of San Tan’s High School will be to add an additional grade each year starting with 9th grade in the 2015/2016 school year and progressing up one grade per year until full implantation.


Mission, Philosophy, & Instruction:


San Tan Charter School, as a school community, works collaboratively to ensure each student has an academic and social environment designed for their individual success; fostering creativity, critical thinking, and inspiring happiness while honoring each person’s humanity.


The San Tan Charter School Family honors and invests in the community by leaving a legacy through individualized and interactive learning experiences.

Values Statement

As a member of the San Tan Charter School Community, iLEAD with integrity, Love, and Empathy. I hold myself Accountable and am Dedicated to serving others by demonstrating these values in my words and actions.

San Tan Montessori School, INC. believes that adding grades 9-12 will support our Mission, Vision and Values statement by honoring our community’s wishes.  A large portion of our families have asked for us to expand the Jr. High model, because it works for their families and they love the educational outcomes that we have created. By adding grades 9-12, students will be better prepared for their post-secondary educational paths. As a College and Career ready school, our students have life skills that foster a love of learning and a know how to be well rounded individuals.

Grades 9-12 will continue the culture of individualized learning plans that involve the parents in educational decisions for the students.  As an organization, the 9-12 individualized learning plans will involve the student in the ILP process, so that the students can take ownership of their education and know what is expected of them and their academic growth.


San Tan Montessori School INC. teachers must be highly qualified.  High qualified teachers must have the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Arizona State Teaching Certificate
  • Proof of Content Knowledge


Teachers may prove that they are knowledgeable in their content area by one of the following:


  • A major in the content area
  • 9 credits in their content area
  • Passing score on the state content area test
  • An advanced certification from the state
  • A graduate degree


Current teachers with a bachelor’s degree and/or a state secondary certification will not require a change in staffing, but will be required to have professional development in the content areas.  If enrollment requires the recruitment of additional staff members, recruited staff members will be required to meet the federal Highly Qualified guidelines.