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If you ask any student what makes San Tan Charter School special, their first response would be the community. As a community we work together to develop students academically, physically and emotionally. In just a short time San Tan has grown and developed into a college preparatory school that offers a rigorous program that includes Advanced Placement, Honors and dual enrollment classes.


San Tan Charter School recognizes the importance of academic excellence while staying true to our belief of developing the entire student through programs, sports and the thrill of competition. We have an excelling athletic program and are building a top notch art and theater program.


At San Tan Charter School, academic excellence is more than just achieving good grades. It is about maximizing a student’s intellec­tual development through a strong course of study, and vast opportunities to participate in Honors and other enrichment programs. It is about instilling self-confidence, encouraging hard work and providing opportunities for leadership by offering challenging electives and stimulating clubs. At San Tan Charter School, academic excellence is our trademark. We believe that an intimate, small-school environment best allows you to develop as an individual student and preparing you for great success during your college years.


Beyond the classroom, opportunities abound for you to develop your talents and step outside your comfort zone. We are building a long-standing tradition to prepare well-rounded students in mind, body and soul. From State Champion Athletics, to community service, to fine arts programs and clubs, San Tan provides a safe, supportive environment to develop your passions and leadership skills.


San Tan’s focus on preparing students for the next level is reflected not only in our teaching styles and methods, but also in our One to One technology policy, which mirrors the computer use found at most colleges.


Step out of your comfort zone and try new things! Play football and act in a play? Sure! Tinker with robotics and sing in the choir? Why not!


We are all Roadrunners!


Educationally Yours,

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Dr. Kristofer Sippel
San Tan Charter School