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San Tan Charter School’s middle school program is a student-centered collaborative Learning Community. A Learning Community is a group of students who take a common set of courses together or share a common experience around their academics. Participants in a Learning Community develop a deeper understanding of the courses’ subject matter while they build relationships and learn together inside and outside of the classroom through community partnerships and service learning that allow students to put learning into practice in real world situations.

San Tan Charter School’s middle school program continues our individualized approach to learning through excellent academics, personal attention for each student, and strong partnerships between parents, teachers, students, staff and the greater Gilbert community.

What if you had a choice as to which experience your 7th and 8th graders attended in order to best prepare them for this high school experience? Does your child need higher level math classes and a more robust elective choices? Then the 7-12 model might be a good fit for them.  What if your child needs fewer teachers, longer blocks of instruction, less transitions, and an exploratory elective rotation to provide them the gift of time and experiences prior to high school? The K-8 model might be right for them. Our children are all in different places at this very important time in their lives. San Tan’s mission is to offer social and academic choices that inspire happiness and support success for all students.

Our Approach:

  •  A challenging, well-rounded cross-curricular core subject curriculum incorporating significant learning extensions
  • Small class sizes with personalized attention for each student; keeping each student at their cutting edge of learning
  • A full array of specialty classes and electives with a focus on communications and entrepreneurship
  • Active learning experiences for hands-on discovery and teamwork including collaborative projects using technology as an enabler
7th and 8th Grade Experiences